Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chicken Wraps

Sorry about not blogging on Monday. Sunday we went to St. Vincent's Spring Festival where JW shot paintball's, rode a train, jumped in the inflatable jumper and played numerous kid games, while we watched and laughed and had a great time. One of JW's friends gave him a fish that was won when they played the ping pong toss game, so of course we kept it. WE headed to Wal-mart when we left the festival to pick up about $30 worth of stuff for the new fish (who JW named Fishy). While we were there JW asked if he could play with my phone, which is not unusual. I have an iPhone and there are games on it just for him, but when he started playing with it, the unexpected happened. IT DIED!! I have all of my family, friends and clients numbers in my phone. Along with pictures, email addresses, addresses and everything else that makes my life easier. Monday when I got to work I called Apple to see if they could help me fix it. They have very nice people that work there and were a big help, but my phone was still dead. I even took my sim card out and put it in my old iPhone, but it wouldn't work either. Apple decided that I needed a new phone, so they sent me out a box to ship mine in and they would send me a new one. Tuesday when I left the house for work, I decided to take my iPhone cord from the house and try to restore my phone again. This time it worked! Thank goodness! 2 days without a phone is not my idea of a good time. This is my busy season and I have clients calling me right and left on top of emailing me. It was very frustrating, but I'm glad my phone is fixed. I feel much better now that I vented some.

Now for the food...

Saturday my boys and I went to Mark's friend, Kelly's house to go swimming. Before we went to his house we stopped by Wendy's and ordered some of the grilled chicken wraps. They were very good and not too filling. Last night I decided to make my own wraps.

Start with 2 chicken breasts.

In a plastic bag or between some plastic wrap, whack them until they are nice and flat.

Season with salt and pepper.

Cook them in a skillet or on the grill until they are done. Cut into strips, lengthwise.

Shred some lettuce.

Grate some cheese.

Break out the honey mustard or make your own.

Warm the tortillas in the microwave for a few seconds.

Top the tortilla with lettuce, chicken strip and honey mustard.

Add some cheese.

Make as many as you want and enjoy. They were so good and would be even better for lunch or a snack.

Try them out. I will be doing different variations of them as the summer goes on. Steak and blue cheese with sauteed onions would be awesome! How about pork with grilled peaches? Sounds good to me.

Monday sucked but it could have been worse. My brakes could have gone out on my truck, oh wait, they did. Hopefully my week will be better. I can't wait for tomorrow when we find out what sex the baby is! I'll let you know...

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