Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicken and Orzo Casserole

Happy Friday everyone!! Yesterday Mark and I found out that we have a little girl on the way!!! I am so excited! We are all excited! Now I can start picking out girly stuff and looking forward to pageants, cheerleading and dance classes. Mark is already saying that he will turn her to the dark side, but I hope not. Lets hope she will have blond hair and blue eyes like JW.

Now for the food...
Pre-heat the oven to 350

Boil 2 chicken breasts for 12 mins or until they are done. Reserve the water used to boil the chicken.

Chop them into pieces.

Boil 2/3 cup of orzo.

Thaw out and drain a package of chopped spinach.

Mix together a can of cream of mushroom, 1/2 cup of mayo, 2 tsp lemon juice, pepper and spinach.

Drain the orzo when it is ready.

Add chicken and orzo to the cram of mushroom mixture and pour into a small casserole dish.

Top with shredded Monterrey Jack cheese and Italian breadcrumbs.

Bake for 45 mins or until bubbly.

All I can say is YUM!! Even JW ate all of his portion. It was so good. Try it out and let me know what you think. Pictures were taken with my phone. The battery died on my camera.


  1. Hello. I came across your recipe while googling 'orzo casserole'. I had a lot of leftover orzo and spinach from Sunday's dinner.

    I used it as a guideline for the ingredients I had on hand. I ended up with a ground turkey and orzo casserole.