Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken

Hey guys! Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything. Last week was horrible!! I was working on 3 contracts plus I had a client come in from out of town and everything literally fell apart. Oh well. You have to keep your head up and keep going forward. Hopefully something good will happen soon.

Now for the food...

So, last week I had a hankering for fettuccine Alfredo and I decided to make it rather than buy it frozen or order some from Pizza Hut. I will tell you that I did cheat a little, but I am not ashamed and I encourage you to cheat sometimes to. It's just easier.

Start by pounding a couple of chicken breast flat.

Season with salt, pepper and a little Cajun seasoning. You don't have to, but why not?

Throw the chicken on the grill and cook until it is done.

While the chicken is cooking, get some water going for the fettuccine noodles.

Heat up a jar of Alfredo sauce on the stove. Add some Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.

Drain the noodles and mix with the sauce.

Cut the chicken in to cubes.

Top the noodles with the chicken and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Let me just go ahead and tell you that it was SO good. I had never used the sauce from a jar before, but after doctoring it up, it was pretty tasty. My recommendation is that you try it out as soon as possible. You won't be sorry.

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