Friday, May 15, 2009

Nanny's Squash Casserole

Happy Friday!! Did you know there is only 2 weeks of school left? This school year has flown by so fast. What is sad is that when school starts in the fall, I will still be pregnant. Oh well. I have big plans for the summer with JW. Lots of beach days, Baybears games and trips to the Explorium and museum just for starters. Hopefully there will be trips to Birmingham so we can harass the BGUP and everyone else for a couple days. Guess we will have to see...

Now for the food.

My Nanny has had a garden every year since way back when and she always loads us up with fresh veggies. One of my favorite dishes that she makes is squash casserole. The other day she came in the office and brought squash and green beans so of course I asked her to make me some squash casserole and wouldn't you know, she did. Not only did she make it for me, but she also wrote down the recipe for me. Since I had all this squash and the recipe, I decided to make it myself.

Wash your squash real good and drain.

Chop up an onion.

Cut up the squash.

Add onion and squash to a skillet with some water and let steam until for tender.

Drain and mash it up a little.

Mix together some milk, cream of mushroom soup and 3 beaten eggs.

Stir in the mashed onion and squash.

Pour half of the mixture in a small (9x9) casserole dish and top with breadcrumbs and cheddar cheese. Nanny sometimes uses crushed up crackers if she doesn't have breadcrumbs.

Add the remaining mixture and top with more breadcrumbs and cheddar cheese.

Bake at 350 for 30 mins or until it has set.

I seriously could eat this stuff everyday. If you are not a squash fan, don't worry, it doesn't even taste like squash. It tastes like butter to me. Even my boys love it and they are not big veggie eaters.

I'm just glad that Nanny wrote it down for me. That means that I can pass it down to my kids when they want it. Now if I could only get Mama to write down her massed potato recipe, I would be good to go. What are your favorite family recipes?


  1. It looks wonderful! (All your recipes do!) I will have to try this recipe as we have TONS of yellow squash.

  2. I just made this and it is terrific!!!!! Thanks for the great recipe.