Monday, January 19, 2009

Lazy Sunday Supper

Sunday is "lazy" day at the Southern Foodette house. I got up and threw some canned cinnamon rolls in the oven, turned on cartoons for the four year old and vegged out on the couch most of the afternoon. I did wash a few loads of clothes, so I wasn't that lazy. By that evening I was not in the mood to cook a fancy Sunday meal. I knew I had some Conecuh sausage in the freezer, onions, canned pinto beans and rice. Figuring I could make something quick and easy with what I had on hand, I got started.

While the sausage thawed in the sink, I got the rice going so it would be finished when I needed it.

Then I chopped the onions (with my sunglasses on) minced the garlic and sliced the sausage while my pan was warming up.

While the sausage and onions we hanging out in the skillet sauteing, I grabbed my beans, that were already washed, drained and ready to go.

Mixing in the beans, I added some chicken stock and Cajun seasonings and let that simmer for a little while, soaking up the flavors.

I don't like to mix my rice in with the other ingredients, so I put some in the bottom of a bowl and spoon the bean mixture on top. Make sure you add some salt and pepper to the rice before you top it and don't forget to pour some of the juice on there.

Talk about comfort food. I was feeling better after the first bowl. There are any number of ingredients you can use for this recipe. All kinds of meats and veggies my be substituted. Try it out and let me know what kind of spin you put on it.

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  1. This makes me hungry just looking at the pictures. you write so well!