Monday, January 12, 2009

RC Cola and a Moon Pie

The Moon Pie was invented at the Chattanooga Bakery in 1917 by Earl Mitchell, Sr. Originally it was a snack for the coal miners to put in their lunch boxes. A Moon Pie consists of 3 graham crackers with marshmallow filling, then dipped in chocolate. There are many flavors to choose from like vanilla, strawberry, banana, orange, lemon and of course, chocolate. This little slice of heaven is about the size of a hockey puck or you can get the mini pies that are available during Marid Gras.

The Moon Pie has a long running history here in Mobile. Why even on New Years Eve we raise a giant lighted Moon Pie as the countdown begins. Every Mardi Gras float that cruises down the streets of Mobile will be throwing beads, cups, stuffed animals and of course, Moon Pies, from every side. Some choose to start eating them right there on the sidewalk, and some will take them home to munch on later, or give them to their children for a treat. Not all are Moon Pie fans. There are many a pie that lay swashed in the road or trampled on the sidewalk never to be enjoyed as they should.

I have always loved Moon Pies. There is nothing like a Coke in a glass bottle and a banana Moon Pie. I know you are suppose to have a RC Cola, but I prefer Coke. I am one of the people that likes to take the pies home to eat later. If you microwave them for a few seconds and they get all gooey, then you put ice cream on top!! YUM! In the paper every year they have recipes that use Moon Pies so I will be trying out the Moon Pie Bienville. I'm thinking this will be similar to our traditional banana pudding but with a twist. Now to figure out what flavor Moon Pie to use.....I think banana!

Check back later to find out how it turns out!


  1. mii nick nickname is moonpie. but i changed mii spelling to moonp(y)e

  2. I have been eating moon pies since i was little boy and i still love them i am 66 and i still love them they wear her long time b for me they are so good good good good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!