Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrap It Up!

My husband was looking at my Southern Living magazine the other day when he found a recipe for skillet burritos. He hardly ever asks me to cook something in particular, so when he asked me to make them for him, I was kind of taken aback. I can't tell you how many times I ask him what he wants to eat for supper and his answer is always "it doesn't matter" or "whatever."

It turns out that this is a super easy recipe that tastes great and it portable, so it is great for lunch the next day.

Start by making the dipping sauce. You need sour cream, onion, pickled jalapenos, Dijon mustard, cilantro and lime zest.

Mix it all together and put it in the fridge until the burritos are done.

You will need a can of Mexicorn (drained), a can of back beans (rinsed and drained), cheddar cheese and cooked chicken breast, chopped.

Mix the filling together.

Spoon in the middle of an 8 inch tortilla and fold like a burrito.

Heat skillet and brown on each side.

Cut in half and serve with lime jalapeno sauce and salsa.

I had 2, my husband ate the rest. They are really good. That sauce is awesome and I'm happy that he requested that I make them. Now if I could get him to request more foods for me to cook....

Try it out. Change the fillings. Try a different cheese. That is what I'm going to do next time. I'm thinking breakfast burritos!


  1. Girl, your blogging is REAL good!

    I am so impressed.
    BTW making your brother hungry for burritos at 8 is so not cool....HA HA

    Love the photos too.

  2. Yum, looks fab - thanks for sharing!!!