Friday, February 13, 2009

Not Yo Nacho

For the past few days I have been wanting some nachos. Not just any nachos, but loaded to the gills nachos. Who wants just chips and cheese? Please, that is for amateurs. Deciding that I could save some money, I made my own version of nachos.

I wasn't in the mood to navigate through layers of single tortilla chips so I opted for corn tortillas. If you bake them for a few mins before you load them up they wont get soggy.

Then I sauteed some onions for the refried beans, from a can (that smell sort of like dog food). When that was done I mixed them together.

After mixing the taco seasoning with water, I browned my lean ground beef.

The seasoning was "hot and spicy" so I poured it through a small strainer and into the meat since my boys do not care for the "hot and spicy."

When the meat was ready, it was time to start construction of the nachos. I smeared on the beans and onions, topped that with the seasoned meat and loaded it down with cheese. I love pickled jalapenos, so i put some on top of mine.

These babies make me long for a margarita in the worst way! Look at that gooey cheese and tell me you aren't hungry now. Now break out the sour cream and salsa and dig in. If you wanted to make them smaller they would be great for a get together. I'm sure some of you are saying that they are toastadas. Call them what you will. I call them good!

There was a great BBQ restaurant here in Mobile that closed not to long ago that had the best BBQ nachos. They fried their own chips, topped them with pulled pork or chopped beef and cheddar cheese. We used to drench them with BBQ sauce and fight over who got the last chip. Looks like I may have to try that out at home. When I do, I will share it with you.

How do you like your nachos?

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