Thursday, February 26, 2009

A picture is worth....

Since Mardi Gras is now over with, I decided to change my profile picture. What you are left with is vintage Southern Foodette. This was taken some time in the 80's but you knew that. Who wears gold dresses now a days? Check out that hair! I know you are jealous! Did you notice my two front teeth? Yes, they are fake. I had lost them just a week or so before the pageant (eating a candied apple at the fair) so Mama had new ones made for me. Fact: She still has them! They did the trick and I ended up winning.

Most of my childhood weekends, holidays and summers were filled with beauty pageants and dance competitions. My Mama dragged me all over the South with my hair teased to Jesus and enough makeup on to make Tammy Faye Baker jealous, all for me to strut my stuff in front of some judges in the hopes of winning a crown, trophy and sash. No, I was not forced to do this. I wanted it is bad as she did and sometimes more.

There is no telling how much money she spend on custom made dresses and sportswear. On top of dance lessons, hair appointments, modeling coaches, voice coaches, interview coaches, shoes, makeup, dance costumes, food, gas and hotel stays. I loved every minute of it. I didn't really enjoy sleeping with rollers in my hair or waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to the next pageant, but it was worth it. I was good and there's no doubt about it. I was highly trained and I made my family and myself proud.

The self confidence that you get from competing, whether it be sports or pageants, children need that to survive later in life. If you put the work in, try your best and feel like you succeed even when you fail at a young age, then I believe you are less likely to be a basket case when you are older.

Thank you Mama for pushing me and supporting me. The Southern lady that I am today is because of you. I know my manners, how to talk to people, how to carry myself and how to make friends with anyone because of you. If the child that I am bearing now is a girl, I hope I can offer her the same life as you gave to me.

I will be posting random, vintage Southern Foodette pictures along the way. I think you may get a kick out of it. I know my brother will.

Love to all. Back to cooking....

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