Wednesday, February 11, 2009


As some of you may know, the Southern Foodette has a bun in the oven. This means only one thing. I AM HUNGRY! I seriously could eat 24 hours a day, but a girl needs her beauty rest.

Saturday morning I was watching a show about pizza on the Travel Channel and that set off a craving for pizza in the worst way. This was not a craving for chain pizza places. This had to be a one of a kind joint. I decided that Picklefish would be perfect. After loading my boys into the truck, we were on the way. Picklefish is not close to our house in any way. Located across from the University of South Alabama, it is about 20 mins from our humble abode. Needless to say, Mark was thrilled about that. He's a chain fan, go figure.

We walked in and found a suitable table. The super nice server took our drink order and I had to order an appetizer, I was starving after all. The spinach artichoke dip was calling my name from the menu.

As the server was placing our drink and app order, we scanned the menu for pizza. I, of course, wanted one of EVERYTHING! Figuring that we didn't have the funds to complete that task, we ordered 3, 10 inch pizzas. Cheese for JW. BBQ chicken pizza for Mark and Buffalo chicken for me.

While waiting for our pizza, the spinach artichoke dip came out. It was so good that you could bathe in it. the bread was buttery and crunchy and all around tasty. As you can see from the picture, I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture as soon as it came out.

JW's cheese pizza was the best just given its simplicity. The crust was spot on and the cheese was very cheesy.

Marks BBQ chicken pizza was great but would have been better without bell peppers. It really took away from the flavor.

The Buffalo chicken pizza was a nice surprise. The sauce was tangy, not sour, so that was great and the cheese was not just mozzarella, but blue cheese crumbles as well. The one thing that I would change would be the fried chicken. I think grilled or roasted would have been more flavorful.

Picklefish has been a staple in Mobile for years and years. There were many hearts broken when the Dauphin St location closed. After a long night of partying on Mobile's version of Bourbon St, it was nice to sober up with a few slices of pizza. At least they are still open on Old Shell Rd. If you are ever down this way and are searching for pizza, give Picklefish a try.

5955 Old Shell Rd
Mobile, AL 36608


  1. that reminds me of a devinci's pizza.

    which simultaneously makes me want a devinci's pizza.

    i'm with you, though—you lost me with the fried chicken. and i once heard a prominent food person (whose identity escapes me) say that the worst food in the world is green bell peppers, because they make everything taste like ... green bell peppers.

  2. As a transplant to the area, I combed Mobile's downtown with camera in hand to capture photos to enter for consideration on Jones Soda Labels. I knew nothing of the history of Picklefish but was intrigued by the signage. I shot a photo with a bus in the background that oddly mirrored the sign's colors. The photo didn't get picked for a label but remains one of my favorite photos. I was sad to hear of the closing.