Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everything is Better Fried!

Saturday evening, after spending the day on beautiful Dauphin Island, we dropped of JW with Mawmaw (Mark's mama), came home and cooked supper. I had some uncooked chicken leftover from the curry chicken pot pie so we decided to do chicken fingers. I also had some potatoes and a new baking mix that Mama got me that we tried out too.

My boys: Mark, JW and Thibodeau the bulldog

Get some oil going on the stove so it is nice and hot when you are ready to use it.

Mark rarely helps me in the kitchen so when he offered, I took him up on it. I got him to cut the chicken breasts into strips, batter them and start on the biscuits. I even got him to clean out the dishwasher!

Before we start on the chicken, I cut the potatoes into strips (Mark came back and cut them smaller) for the fries and placed them in cold water until the oil was ready.

In small batches, fry them until they start to turn golden.

Remove from the oil. Season with salt and pepper.

Now for the chicken...

You will need some flour with salt, pepper and Old Bay mixed in it for the batter.

Start by covering the chicken in flour, dip in egg and then cover in flour again.

When the oil is ready, fry them until they are golden. It only takes a few minutes.

While I was frying away, Mark was making the biscuits with the new baking mix. He did an ok job, but I failed to tell him to flour his hands before kneading so he ended up with dough stuck to his hands begging me to help him.

After kneading and rolling out the biscuits, I cut them and placed them on a cookie sheet.

Them baked them until they were golden. They looked like rolls instead of biscuits but we ate them anyway. They tasted like biscuits at least.

When everything was ready, we feasted until we couldn't eat anymore.

The chicken was awesome and the fries were a little soggy from sitting there but they were good anyway. I put the leftovers up, cleaned the kitchen and watched movies with my hubby for the rest of the night. There is nothing like a quiet night at home all curled up on the couch with your loved one. I missed my little buddy, but it was nice still.

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  1. Ok, I am inspired! The chicken strips look delish and since it is just the hubster and I at home now, there is sure to be leftovers for a yummy breakfast too! Thanks for the great recipes and ideas...keep them coming!