Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pimento Cheese

Last weekend I decided to go see my Birmingham family, including the Foodimentary Guy. Almost every time I visit I end up cooking or bringing stuff that I made just for them to enjoy. K-Tilda loves my pimento cheese so I proceeded to make her some. There is nothing like pimento cheese in the world! Or at least my world. I love it. Just give me some crackers or white bread and I can go to town.

To get started you will need a couple blocks of cheese, I use sharp cheddar and Colby. You will also need some onion, cayenne, Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise.

Shred your own cheese. This is very important! The already shredded stuff from a bag does not taste as good as freshly shredded cheese. Trust me on this one. If you do not agree, then use the pre-shredded cheese next time.

Next comes my favorite ingredient......MAYONNAISE!!! I love Duke's mayonnaise. I had to use the light Duke's this time because they were out of regular.

You will need to drain the pimentos before you add them to the mix. I also picked up the sliced pimentos instead of the diced pimentos, but that is OK for me. If you want them smaller, chop them up.

This next ingredient is the key to a well flavored pimento cheese, grated onion. I was iffy the first time I added it, but it is just wonderful.

To finish it off, add some cayenne and Worcestershire sauce. Go easy on the pepper unless you want it nice and spicy. Really you are using it for flavor and a little zap on the end.

Mix everything together and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight.

Crackers, chips, bread and veggies are the best tools for eating this masterpiece. I have also put some in a baking dish and heated it in the oven to be served hot.

If I ever open a restaurant I will have pimento cheese and pimento cheese sandwiches on the menu. I hope that you try this out. Make it your own. DO NOT buy the orange colored concoction in plastic tubs from the grocery store. Unless you know it is locally made, don't go there.

BTW: I ended up leaving K-Tilda's pimento cheese in Mobile. That's OK though. Now I get to eat all of it myself. Sorry K. I will make it up to you.


  1. My mouth is watering! This is such a nice, quick recipe. I'm so glad I found someone who loves pimento cheese as much as me! Great post!

  2. YUM! I made pimento cheese a couple of years ago and we loved it. I will have to try your version, the onion sounds interesting.