Friday, March 27, 2009

Pot Roast Leftovers #1

Before I start this blog about the leftovers I thought I would share my morning with you. It is a stormy and nasty morning here in Mobile, AL. We got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and ready to hit the road only to find out that The Queen, my SUV, has a major flat tire. Like the rim was sitting on rubber in the driveway flat tire. My options now are to drive my husbands toy, the mustang, or my husbands big Bubba truck. I am not a fan of the mustang because it is a standard and after 2 knee surgeries plus the rain, we would not get along today. Bubba truck it is.

I'm 5'2. Mark is 6'5. This truck is huge! I literally have to jump to get in it and that is no fun when you are pregnant. I have to put one foot in the truck, hold on the the steering wheel and jump with the other foot. All of this is being done in the pouring rain. Once inside, I have to rearrange the mirrors and the seat so now I'm 10 feet in the air (not really) and 2 inches from the steering wheel because my legs are too short to reach the pedals.

Now, we are on the road to JW's school and when we pull in there is no one to help the kids out of the cars, so I have to get out, walk around the truck, remove JW and kiss him goodbye for the day then go back around to the drivers side and jump in. Did I mention that it was still raining?!

I finally got to work, parked, got out and immediately landed in a puddle, of course. Now my pants, shoes and socks are wet. I can't wait to find out what the afternoon brings! Now to blog about leftovers...

Wednesday I showed you how to make a pot roast in which i had a ton of leftover meat. Today I will show you 1 way to use them. Monday I will show you another.

Start by chopping up some meat in small cubes.

Chop up some onion.

Dice up some potatoes. You can use the bagged hash browns from the grocery store if you would like or some leftover french fries.

Get some butter going in a big skillet.

Throw everything in there together. Add salt, pepper and parsley.

Cook until the potatoes are soft. Stir in some milk and serve.

This is what I would call a pot roast hash. I thought it was excellent and even took some for lunch the next day.

I also made some mac-n-cheese, but you have already seen that made before. At least this time you get to see the end result.

Try it out. Use what ever meat you have left over. I think ham would be awesome. Corned beef would be even better!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully Mark will have had my tire fixed by the time I get home today so I won't have to drive the Bubba truck anymore. Here's to dry feet!

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